Rhyl A Deprived Area? Or Is It The Council?

Talking to my doctor the other day, he said that they've been trying hard to recruit additioal doctors to work in their large practice, but none were prepared to move to a deprived area.

I mentally shook my head at this. But after thinking about it, I suddenly realised that it's the Denbighshire County Counil who are promoting Rhyl as a "deprived area". Naturally I asked myself why should they be doing this. But you don't have to be a rocket scientist to work out why.

Like much today, it all comes down to money. Consider the huge sums Denbighshire Counnty Council have been able to get from the European Union on the back of the self-demoting "Deprived Area" labelling.

The irony is that many of these grants don't appear to have been well spent.

Both buildings and areas at the westerly end of West Parade are still reminiscent of bomb-sites at the end of World War II. Good, I suppose, for promoting Rhyl as a "deprived area" in the search for EU freebie grants which don't actually address all that's wrong with Rhyl.

Grandious schemes for the redevelopment of the site of the old fairground have obviously been grossly mismanaged, and the site is now used for stockpiling huge rocks for the construction of the new "sea defenses" (yet another of DCC's EU Grant aquisiltiions).

It's ironic that the Council's obsession with its "deprived area" strategy is now beginning to backfire on it, one of the more public things that can be attributed to it is Marks & Spencers decision to move from Rhyl to Prestatyn.

Consider the facts. Rhyl's population according to the latest available figures is 25,000, yet Prestatyn's population is substantially less at 18,000. And then there's traffic management and parking. When I mentioned this at one of the Council's presentations, he said that they'd simply reverse the direction of the one-way traffic system in Prestatyn. And this came from a "professional" planner in the Denbighshire County Council's offices. But then of course, according to the Denbighshire Coiunty Council, Rhyl is a "deprived area", so is it so surprising that not too long after Marks were persuaded to open up in Presatyn, they'd announce their closure of their Rhyl's "deprived area" operation. This is just one of many examples of the Council's failure to be proactive.

However, what's REALLY sinister is the way democracy works in the Denbighshire County Council. ALL power lies in the Cabinet, which is, in reality, a secret society from which the rank-and-file elected Councillors who you and I vote for are not only excluded from the democratic decision-making processes, they are kept totally in the dark regarding discussions held behind closed-doors. And woe betide any Cabinet Member who speaks of what goes on behind those closed doors - it's not that long ago that the Leader of the Cabinet was sacked from her highly-paid position for revealing what went on inside the Cabinet's closed doors.